Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project Information

So at my high school to graduate we have a big project that we present at the end of our senior year. So for my project a friend and I decided that we could turn one of our favorite hobbies into something that'll actually do something good for the world. We had heard in the past about people playing video games for an extended amount of time in marathons for charity, so we thought that it was a perfect idea for our project. We decided to use the first weekend that we're out of school for the marathon and to hold the marathon to try and raise funds for the charity Child's Play. Child's Play is a charity that provides toys and video games to kids in hospitals around the world, we chose this charity because it's a great cause and their main way of raising funds is actually from marathons like this one!

So let's get down to the important information! The marathon will be from 9:30 AM Saturday May 25th  to 12:00 AM Monday May 27th it'll be played at a secret location (one of the participant's homes), but if you'd like to join in the marathon action you can message or invite us to play at the gamertag spartansam118. To watch the stream of the marathon you can visit our twitch channel @ To donate to Child's Play you can follow this link and donate your desired amount: The regular website for Child's Play is: and you can check the event page for our event! We'd love to reach our goal of $500 dollars and we have some stretch goals in mind such as if we raise $1,000 then I will shave my head! So please make sure to watch the stream and to donate to a great cause over at Child's Play!

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